Maintenance & Optimisation

Website Optimisation

After the design is complete and your new website is online, Made by Kersti can provide a lot of specialised services to optimise your online presence.

Optimisations you should consider:

Website Maintenance Packages

A website is, in many ways, like a pot plant. Your lush leaves and beautiful flowers are the result of carefully tended components – air, soil, water, sunlight. You can even liken the pests that try to damage your plant to the pesky security scares that try to derail your website.

And just like a plant, if you fail to maintain your website you’ll see that after a while it’s looking tired and may be nolonger flowering for you.

Some of my clients like to get their hands dirty and do some of the maintenance work themselves, while others like to just know that their site is working. I offer flexible maintenance packages to suit your requirements, time and abilities. Together we will ensure that your site flourishes.